Alistair Overeem believes Francis Ngannou could stand in his way of a title shot

Alistair Overeem recent beat Fabricio Werdum by majority decision at UFC 213 this July in a trilogy match which saw Overeem beat Werdum 2-1. With Overeem currently sitting at No1 in the UFC Heavyweight division he believes he is now close to getting a title shot. Although having suffered a loss to the current champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 203 last September, Alistair Overeem believes one think standing in his way of that shot could be Francis Ngannou.

“I think we’re right there, he said. “The only thing that could be in my way I believe is Francis Ngannou, he has I believe a nine fight winning streak. You know I’m going to be honest, what he has going for him is a nine fight winning streak, nine fights is nine fights, I have two fights. What he doesn’t have going for him, he has not faced any top quality opponents so those nine fights have basically been, I mean the only name on the list is Andrei Arlovski who is currently riding a five fight losing streak so that not really something to write home about. The other thing he has going against him is that he’s fighting JDS. JDS is top five, he’s going to give him a really hard time and to be honest I don’t think Francis is going to win it. Anything can happen right and we’re always wanting that X factor, we always want that surprise so maybe he can generate that surprise but JDS always comes back stronger, he bounces back everytime stronger. I expect him to do that again and when that happens nothing stands in the way of my title shot.”

If Alistair Overeem does in fact get another shot at the champion Stipe Miocic then he says this time will be different. “Im a lot fitter, Im a lot stronger now. I ranked up my strength and conditioning, fixed diet. After a loss you always look at stuff to improve, we found a bunch of stuff and we’re doing it. We now have two victories with the new stuff so its clearly working and you know the holes that Stipe exploited, you know he showed it, he displayed it, that was definitely something that I needed to work on but now that Im working on it I definitely do think that the next fight between me and Stipe is going to be different. Its going to be a different fight.”

UFC president Dana White has said that Alistair Overeem needs one more fight before getting a shot, one person that Overeem has not fought yet is the former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. “If you want to become a champion then you should not shy away from any opponent, thats something that I would never do. Sometimes timing wise it doesn’t match up but you know I want to fight again October, November, if its Cain its Cain, if its Stipe its Stipe.”

Overeem just doesn’t see Francis beating Junior Dos Santos and believes the title shot is slowly drifting towards him but will wait to see what happens after their fight at UFC 215.

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